QR code NFT Collection

This is a pixel art collection of 1/1 QRcode NFT with Digital Easter Egg.
Let's take your mobile phone's camera to SCAN and COLLECT the hidden message of each number!


We create pixel arts


Our Work

We are not the inventor of QR code but we are the first to make it be NFT and bring into metaverse


Just like number, you can never find two No.1, right? Thus, we assign a representative story for each number, related colors for an 1 out of 1 QR code. We describe it as Digital Easter Egg.


Art can be copied. Collection can be imitated. Still, our QR code is minted in 1/1 with a corresponding address on the blockchain. In coming times, we target to create 10,000 QR code NFT at most.


QR code is normally used as a link for website browsing. As a NFT, it is extended. It can be a storage of data including word, motto and even blockchain address. We are still exploring a new direction.


The QR code is pixelized into squares. Then they are randomly generated into animation to form a scannable code. The visual effect can easily draw attention to the eyes in digital sites.


We research different fields to find the best fit data with the number. Now that anime, brand, game, history, science, sport, etc, are covered. The QR codes are catetorized for easy searching on the Opensea page.


The data is mainly in English. However, there are many interesting world facts and certainly with the languages. They involve Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more are coming.

Not intersted in art collection?
No problem, create your own one!

We support tailor-made QR code NFT. You can create one to be your profile that linking to web page, personal blog or crypto wallet.


Our Concept

We are honored to create and mint your own NFT. The tailor-made QR code is FREE while you are a member of our QR code community by having at least one NFT (0.001 ETH) from our QR code collection. Welcome to join us!

Your Action

You can decide the colors and the data of the QR code. Besides, you can provide the NFT details for us to set up the Opensea NFT page. To proceed, please fill out below form and click the COPY button, then send the copied content to us via Twitter / Instagram / mail.

Create your own QR code NFT

Please input NFT name
Please input QR code data
The color contrast is under 4.5 that maybe failed to scan

You are ready, right? Don't worry, after you have copied the request to us, we will approach and provide you the preview of the tailor-made QR code in 1 day time. You are still allowed to test, fine-tune your NFT before we mint it.